Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a Chinese Martial Art and form of self-defence, specialising in street-style close-quarter combat.


It is known for its economy of motion, direct power, and lightning speed, designed to deal with an aggressor as fast as possible with minimum effort.


Wing Chun specialises in using structure and re-directing energy, enabling a smaller person to defeat a larger person.

Sifu Lewis Arnold

I had a busy lifestyle and was looking for healthy habit to try to carve some time out for myself. I had always been interested in Wing Chun and signed up to my local club. I quickly became Wing Chun obsessed and excelled very quickly, reaching Black Sash.


As my passion (addiction) grew, I started to attend seminars of different Sifu’s and Lineages to broaden my knowledge, that’s when I came across Grand Master Gary Lam.


I attended a Gary Lam seminar in the UK and was amazed at his knowledge and level of skill, with many questions being answered instantly.


I was hooked and decided to pursue my training with him in Los Angeles. I have since travelled several times a year, to live and train with GM Gary Lam in his infamous backyard, building an incredible relationship with my Sifu.


GM Lam is one of the few Masters to have used his Wing Chun in combat, having won the Hong Kong Gold Medallion and fought in many bouts, he truly has ‘walked the walk’.


He was a student of Wong Shun Leung, another famous Wing Chun fighter. GM Lam trained under him for 16 years and taught on behalf of GM Wong for many of those years.


I am now privileged to be recognised as one of his Master Students and enjoying teaching and sharing his amazing system to others, in the same way it has been taught to me.

Train With Me

This system is ‘another level’ in comparison to any Wing Chun you have learnt before and I’m excited to share it with you.


I am relocating from the UK to Australia early 2023.


The priority waiting list is now open for new students to show an expression of interest.


I offer Private One-to-One Coaching Lessons or Group Sessions, with classes held several times per week.


Complete your details below to be added to the list and to be informed of the updated opening details, location and timetable.


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